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Welcome to Top Firearms Instruction! Over 60,000 website visitors and 90,000 page views since 2013! **OUR NEXT 2018 TFI ASSISTANT RANGE OFFICER PROGRAM IS SCHEDULED FOR SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 9TH, 2018! THERE ARE ONLY 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE FOR THIS UNIQUE, CHALLENGING, AND REWARDING PROGRAM. RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY!** Like us on Facebook we have AMAZING training tips and special giveaways there! AND subscribe to our YouTube Channel!
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Tyson Kilbey Shotgun and Pistol April 2012
One of the stages from the Tri-County two gun competitionGo to our website and check our pics, bios, and classes!
Our Top Firearms Instructors teach the Kansas and Missouri Approved Concealed Carry Handgun Training Class all over the region! We also teach an unbelievable variety of marksmanship and tactical shooting classes in KC and anywhere else in the U.S! Our courses are SAFE, fun, high-energy and full of pertinent and useful information for all responsible gun owners! We guarantee that you will be amazed by our passion for teaching! Wherever you're at, we will help you get to the next level! Come see what all of our students are talking about!

***FUNDAMENTAL HANDGUN MASTERY---Top Firearms Instruction's first book---has been RELEASED! In less than 24 hours we are on the BEST SELLER LIST! This book transcends beyond handguns and takes you on an exciting journey of self-improvement and personal protection!***


We just confirmed some incredible SUMMER 2018 Events!!!:

Wednesday June 13th to June 15th Kids Bully Prevention and Safety Awareness Camp
Friday June 22nd thru July 27th Gracie Jiu Jitsu Camp
Sunday, June 24th Concealed Carry at AKKA!
Sunday, August 19th ***6 Year Anniversary Concealed Carry***

******Our 6 YEAR ANNIVERSARY KANSAS AND MISSOURI CONCEALED CARRY COURSE will be SUNDAY, AUGUST 19TH! It will go a for a discount and we will be doing giveaways! Sign up today by calling or emailing us!!  WE can't wait our classes are ALWAYS fun, safe, and full of energy!!!*****

Schedule a training session with us and see why our new and return student base keeps growing! We know why, and soon you will too!



****Now is an EXCELLENT time to schedule a private lesson or group self-defense seminar with us! It will be a high-energy experience using teaching methods that maximize retention and success. Experience our incredible training atmosphere with the most attention to detail at the best price ANYWHERE!******
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Tyson and Justin Jedburgh Target Systems
Testing this target system that takes training to another level!


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