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Do to the increasing demand of quality firearms and self-defense training; Top Firearms Instruction has made the decision to set up a unique program for enthusiastic, upstanding gun owners! We have carefully developed a 6 hour TFI Assistant Range Officer Course that is information packed, challenging, and carries with it rewards and benefits that we have NEVER before offered! During the course, the student will receive detailed firearms instruction to take their skills substantially above that of the typical shooter. In addition, successful completion of the course entitles the student to receive free admission into ALL of our mastery seminars throughout the year! The student will be utilized as an additional safety officer while they continue to enhance their skills through ongoing training in our ever-growing TFI curriculum. Successful completion also the gains the student a listed spot on our website for verification of their accomplishment! This achievement can be used as both a résumé builder for future endeavors and a personal motivator for skill development! Successful completion of this course also requires a passing score of 90% or higher on our qualification course (Pre-designed 50 round course). Designation of TFI Assistant Range Officer does not expire as long as the student attends a minimum of one course a year and does not participate in any illegal or questionable conduct that would tarnish the earned respect of the position. We will limit the program to 16 approved participants per calendar year (8 in the spring session and 8 in the fall session). Come be a part of this exciting new opportunity! 
Our FIRST ever Assistant Range Officer Course was held Sunday, February 18 9:00am to 3:00pm! The first year introductory price of the 2018 course is $150! Please call us today for the study guide and course breakdown of this challenging yet rewarding course!


We want to give a HUGE congratulations to the following people who have successfully passed the challenging program with a qualification score ABOVE 90%!!! The course is NO joke!!!

Sam Cox

Doug Jipp

Robin Slaughter

James Dykes

Derek Ruffin

This was one of the most skilled, dynamic, productive, and informative groups we have ever worked with through the years! We look forward to seeing them at many of our future training events to include future Assistant Range Officer Courses! We had so much fun with this course and have now decided to offer TWO Assistant Range Officer Programs each calendar year! The next course will be Sunday, September 9th and you DO NOT want to miss it! Contact us today to reserve a spot and get a study guide!

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