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About Top Firearms Instruction and our Top Firearms Instructors!

Our mission is to provide the highest level of self-defense, personal protection, and firearms instruction to upstanding citizens who want to become safer, more responsible, and well trained citizens or firearms owners. Our Top Firearms Instructors will give you the training and knowledge necessary to protect yourself and your family! Furthermore, we will do it in one of the safest, most exciting, fun, high-energy, and welcoming training environments ANYWHERE! We love to teach both the Kansas Concealed Carry Class and Missouri Concealed Carry Class, but we also have a ground-breaking list of skill development courses as well! Whether you take them as preparation courses for the Kansas or Missouri Concealed Carry Class, or as ongoing training after your Kansas or Missouri Concealed Carry Class, we will make sure that everyone who takes our training classes will get better!

We absolutely believe there are NO BAD STUDENTS, only bad instructors! All of our instructors are just as passionate about building your skill level as they are about increasing theirs. When we teach a handgun training class, we are not interested in convincing you how amazing we are, we are interested in making EVERYONE in the room better than they were before they started training that day!

Our prices are absolutely amazing! Generally speaking, our single person price for the Kansas Concealed Carry Class is $80 per person, $60 each if you sign up with a friend, and additional $10 discounts for teachers, nurses, current or prior military, fire fighters, and law enforcement family members. We shoot at a variety of locations, so sometimes there is a nominal range fee which is the only additional charge (between $10 and $20). Furthermore, we have and will make arrangements to travel throughout the state of Kansas to accommodate groups by request. If you have a facility and a safe place to conduct the live fire portion, we will make it happen!

We also conduct handgun training classes for all skill levels because we believe it is imperative for gun owners and concealed carry license holders to constantly train and get better. EVERY handgun training class we do is safe, enjoyable, and conducted in a way that you cannot help but learn and improve. Come experience one of our training classes YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

Our Top Firearms Instructors believe your training does not begin or end with one basic class, or one concealed carry class. We believe training should be a constant journey to become better and more prepared. You cannot be too good, too fast, or too prepared to protect yourself or a loved one!

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