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Riding the wave
Training Tip Tuesday #7
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Every day of this pandemic seems to bring with it interesting twists and turns and certainly a lot of unknown. I have been watching people respond in various ways and never have I believe more in maintaining control over the things you can, and not worrying about the things you cannot. I am using this time to improve in every way I can. To improve physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I cannot wait to get back to regular Concealed Carry Courses, Handgun Training Courses, Rifle and Carbine Courses, Self-Defense Courses, and of course Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

Riding the wave

During the 30 days to slow the spread I am running, working out solo, eating healthy, watching videos, reading as much as possible. We cannot control the waves but we can learn to surf. Please take time to take care of yourselves during this challenging time.

I cannot wait to get back to teaching Concealed Carry Courses, Handgun Training Courses, Self-Defense Courses, and Gracie Jiu Jitsu!

Training Tip Tuesday #7

Training Tip Tuesday#7Legal Training-One of the most common deficiencies in the vast majority of citizens’ overall self-defense strategy is their basic understanding of the law in regard to self-defense. Throughout the years, I have heard people say, with absolute conviction mind you, statements that have ZERO legal basis. It is not uncommon for people to say, “My brother who is a cop said…or I was reading on a gun debate message board, or I heard that...” Not knowing the law is not a defense, and misunderstanding the law (even with good intentions) is not a defense.


Hello everyone. We hope you are all staying safe and healthy! We have been getting a lot of messages about our Concealed Carry Courses and Handgun and Self-Defense Training Courses. We cannot wait to start doing group courses again when the pandemic is under control. Until then, please check out our training videos on Facebook at Top Firearms Instruction. Speaking of videos, thank you so much for helping us break the 100 Subscriber mark on YouTube! As of this blog entry we are at 108 and cannot wait to connect with more of you.

Video Training

This is a challenging time for all of us! Although I miss doing my Concealed Carry Courses, Handgun Training Classes, and extremely popular self-defense courses, I am now offering several FREE Training Videos on our Top Firearms Instruction Facebook Page that I think you all are going to love! Also, make sure you subscribe to Top Firearms Instruction on YouTube! We cannot wait to train with everyone again! Train hard and be safe!

Training Tip Tuesday #6

Training Tip #6 “Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and then add what is specifically your own.” - The previous quote is attributed to the legendary Martial Artist, Philosopher, and Actor Bruce Lee. Before I continue writing, I should say I agree with the message. That being said, I think the concept in this quote has been misapplied by a substantial amount of well-intentioned people. Specifically, the “reject what is useless” portion of the quote. In both firearms and empty hand martial arts, I have seen people “reject what is useless” in terms of a technique they are not familiar with, or steps to perform a firearm manipulation, etc. simply because they were not IMMEDIATELY proficient at it. “Yeah, I tried that technique it does not work for me.” “I do not do it that way because my hands are too small, my legs are too short,” or whatever excuse they come up with. The point I am making is too many people give up on a certain technique or method way before they are qualified to do so. Ultimately, this hurts their skill development and understanding in the long run. So, to end this training tip of the day I give you this quote from an unknown source, “To be good at something, you have to be willing to be bad at it.” 

Training Tip #5

Training Tip #5 Always be a Student- It is incredible how many “instructors” in both martial arts and firearms only “teach.” It appears that these people want the title of instructor before doing the work that the position deserves. This should always raise suspicions amongst current and prospective students. The best teachers are the most dedicated students. If you are a teacher, you owe it to yourself, and more importantly your students, to be just as much a student as you are a teacher. If you are a student who wishes to become a teacher, know that you should and will ALWAYS be a student.

Verbal Communication and Use of Force

Hello friends! Check out my latest article in PoliceOne Effective Verbal Communication in Use of Force Situations. Too many times there is an imbalance between the two. The secret to success lies in the balance between the two. Let me know what you think!

The Taoist Farmer

There once was a farmer whose only horse broke out of his corral and ran off. All of the farmer’s neighbors heard what happened and expressed their sympathy to him for having such bad luck. The farmer replied to their concern by saying, “Bad luck, good luck, maybe, who knows?”
A few days later, the farmer’s horse returned. But when the horse returned, it was accompanied by an entire herd of wild horses. The farmer and his son corralled the horses, and once again all of the farmer’s neighbors came to see him.

Summer 2020

In unprecedented times, we plan to have unprecedented fun, growth, and learning! As the world prepares to tackle this pandemic in the best way possible, we plan to train and learn in the best way possible. We will focus on increased handgun and self-defense training through video, and training through private lessons and small groups. Whether it's concealed carry, fundamental handgun training, Women Empowered, Kids Bullyproof, Essentials of Home Defense, Response to the Active Shooter, or any other of our amazing training courses, we will continue to move forward safely and responsibly in the most engaging way possible.
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