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The night before
THIS Weekend


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After and incredible weekend of 3 separate shooting competitions, I am even more excited about THIS weekend!

Friday night we are holding our incredible FREE Women Empowered Seminar at 6:00pm in Overland Park.

Then Sunday we are conducting our unbelievable Concealed Carry Course in Overland Park!

Come train with us everyone. Stay safe!

The night before

This is the calm before the storm! The Brandon Collins Shoot is tomorrow, I will also shoot 2 indoor Glock stages in the afternoon, and three guns at the steel challenge on Sunday! I can't wait!

The events do not stop there though. Friday the 25th is our FREE Women Empowered Seminar, and Sunday, September 27th is our one of a kind Kansas and Missouri Concealed Carry Course! Then we prepare for our awesome Women Empowered Boot Camp that will run from October 4th to November 22nd on Sunday evenings at 5:00pm!


I say this all the time because I could not mean it more. Make training fun. Find a way! Let me tell you, it's not that difficult to do. Remember, you are not always at your best, and if you are out practicing then you are improving. Too many people but unnecessary pressure on themselves. Enjoy the moment. Trust me.

The Brandon Collins Memorial Shootout is THIS WEEKEND!

The FREE Women Empowered Seminar is Friday, September 25th, at 6:00pm.

Our amazing Kansas and Missouri Concealed Carry Course is Sunday, September 27th.


Just can't wait for this weekend!
The Brandon Collins Memorial Shootout
Steel Challenge
Women Empowered Seminar
Kansas and Missouri Concealed Carry
Women Empowered Boot Camp

See you soon!

THIS Weekend

The looming excitement for the weekend just keeps building. We have the Fifth Annual Brandon Collins Memorial Shootout on Saturday, and the Steel Challenge on Sunday!

ALSO---I cannot wait for the FREE Women Empowered Seminar on Friday, September 25th and our incredible Kansas and Missouri Concealed Carry Course on Sunday, September 27th! Both events will be phenomenal!

See everyone soon!

Another Great Week for Top Firearms Instruction

I'm looking forward to a fantastic week! I had some great private lessons this weekend and a Women Empowered Course. Tonight I am teaching Jiu Jitsu and have some great classes lined up as I prepare for the Brandon Collins Memorial Shootout this weekend and the Steel Challenge.

Our unmatched Kansas and Missouri Concealed Carry Course is happening on Sunday, September 27th in Overland Park, and we are conducting a FREE Women Empowered Seminar on Friday, September 25th! You do not want to miss those awesome events.


I promoted a diligent, hard-working student last night, and I trained with some great students today. Looking forward to an outstanding weekend of training.

The Brandon Collins Memorial Shootout is coming, the Kansas and Missouri Concealed Carry Course is coming, and our FREE Women Empowered Seminar and Women Empowered Boot Camp as well!

Look out for some awesome upcoming announcement friends. Train hard and be safe!

A quick check in!

I'm teaching Jiu-Jitsu tonight and I cannot wait! I'm so excited about the events coming up they are going to be awesome. The Brandon Collins Memorial Shootout, the Kansas and Missouri Concealed Carry Course, the FREE Women Empowered Handgun Course, the Women Empowered Boot Camp, and more!

Co-Instructor Justin Morris and I are planning some additional handgun and self-defense training seminars soon!

Train hard and be safe!

More exciting events

One of my fellow instructors and training partners Justin Morris will soon be taking a more active roll in training use of force, self-defense, and of course firearms and handgun training. Justin is an extremely skilled and talented instructor and this is a great opportunity for us to do some amazing collaborations this year!

REMINDER---The Brandon Collins Memorial Shootout is Saturday,
September 19th
Our FREE Women Empowered Seminar Friday, September 25th
Kansas and Missouri Concealed Carry Course Sunday, September 27th

Top Firearms Instruction September

September for Top Firearms Instruction could not be more exciting! Not only am I conducting my regular Jiu-Jitsu group classes and private sessions, but we also have an incredible list of exciting events!

Saturday, September 19th, Brandon Collins Memorial Shootout
Friday, September 25th FREE Women Empowered Seminar
Sunday, September 27th, Kansas and Missouri Concealed Carry Course
Monday, September 28th to Thursday October 1st G.R.A.C.I.E. Law Enforcement Course!

Train hard and be safe! I hope to catch you at one of our Handgun Training Courses before the year ends.
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