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Have you subscribed to us on YouTube yet? We are closing in on our first 100 subscribers! Also, on Facebook our 20 Range Drills in 2020 series is going great and we know you all will love what's coming! We cannot wait to train with you this year. Whether it's one of our amazing firearms courses, self-defense courses, or specialty courses, there is no doubt you will love it!

Training Tip Tuesday #4

Training Tip Tuesday #4 Working Through Plateaus-Training to become proficient in any skill has its ups and downs. Training is also just as much a mental game as it is a physical one. I think it is important to remember that getting better is not always a direct path. You will have good days and bad days as well as what will seem like plateaus in your development. Many people misunderstand this process and subsequently quit because they think they have reached their full potential. On the contrary, pushing past these phases of the learning process is precisely why you will improve. Remember this the next time you have a couple of bad performances at the range. The real battle will be won simply by staying in the game!

Upcoming Events

We have so many exciting events coming soon!

March 7th Concealed Carry
March 22nd Concealed Carry
April 19th to June 28th Women Empowered Academy
April 25th Weapon Retention for Concealed Carry
May 31st Concealed Carry
July 24th Women Empowered Seminar
August 15th Concealed Carry

We can't wait to train with you!

Women Empowered Academy

The WOMEN EMPOWERED ACADEMY is finally going down! April 19th to June 28th on Sundays. If you have been to one of our handgun training courses or concealed carry courses you know the passion and enthusiasm we have for teaching. This course will definitely be one of our most groundbreaking yet. You will not want to miss this! Email me at for information or to reserve a spot!

Top Firearms Instruction YouTube

Have you subscribed to our YouTube Channel Top Firearms Instruction yet? Check it out we just released a new video! We have some major plans for range and self-defense videos this summer. Train with you soon!

Women Empowered Academy

We are days away from announcing our incredible EIGHT WEEK Women Empowered Academy! With a bonus week and special guests along the way. Send me an email or message for more information. We cannot wait! See you there.

Defensive Tactics Course

I will be in Linn County on February 27th and February 28th for TWO FREE Defensive Tactics Courses for Law Enforcement. I hope to see some of you there! -Tyson

Training Tip Tuesday #2

Training Tip #2 Enjoy Training -For today’s training tip, I thought I would share with you part of my perspective about training. People constantly ask me how I can train so often and so consistently. First and foremost I keep training fun. For ideas on how to accomplish this, stay tuned for future tips or review many tips from the past! Beyond that, I understand that progression and improvement are not achieved in a straight upward line. You will have good days, bad days, and days that are just average. But it is critical to remember that if you are being safe, dry firing your gun, hitting the range, or hitting the mat room, you are WINNING! That is what is important and that is what will keep you improving for life!

Random Question

What are your training today? What are your goals for the next four weeks?

Training Tip Tuesday #1

TRAINING TIP TUESDAY-- Every Tuesday for the next TWENTY weeks, I will be posting a training tip from my new book Personal Defense Mastery, which along with the updated and re-edited Fundamental Handgun Mastery, is available on Amazon. Like, share, and comment and throughout the process I will be giving away signed copies of both books. Please leave a review on Amazon and we can't wait see you in a class this year!
Training Tip #1 Learn like a child-Have you ever noticed that children acquire new skills at an exponentially faster rate than most adults? Do you ever wonder why this is the case? Over the last decade of training thousands of students, I have an idea. When adults learn, they are bringing quite a bit of previous experience and preconceived notions with them. As counter-intuitive as that may seem, this oftentimes slows the learning process. Meanwhile, without a lot of previous experience, children tend to be sponges ready to soak in all knowledge about the world around them. They are simply ready to learn. My take away from this is that if adults want to learn something, they should forget about preconceived notions just for a moment, and attempt to learn the skill as a total and complete beginner. I believe anyone who does this will be amazed at the results.
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