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Training Tip of the Day 18-19 Segmenting

Training Tip of the Day 18-19 Segmenting. When you do self-assessments of the performance of your shooting skills and handgun manipulation, look for moments in which you may be segmenting. In other words, look for situations where you may be wasting time by performing functions one step after the other when you should be performing them at the same time. One common example of segmenting takes place during reloads. Many people release their empty magazine from their gun, and THEN retrieve their new magazine to reload their weapon. Clearly the more efficient way to perform this function is to release the magazine from their gun WHILE they are retrieving their new, fully loaded magazine. When you learn to combine motions effectively and avoid segmenting, you become more efficient, smoother, and as a result a better shooter in almost every aspect. Sunday, August 19 is our INCOMPARABLE 6 Year Anniversary Concealed Carry Course! Followed in September by the Assistant Range Officer Course, Kids Handgun Safety, and the Brandon Collins Memorial Shootout! Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Fundamental Handgun Mastery in paperback or E book. Like, share, and comment and as always train hard, be safe, and see you on the range!

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Comments RSS on Monday, August 13, 2018 3:20 AM
Day 18 and 19 segmenting data is here. That data are showing some training tips for that time. These training segmenting blog providing many data and through that data they learn about their mistakes.
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