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I have received dozens of messages reference the newly released dash cam video of the Las Vegas police shooting. I love getting messages about shooting incidents, but rarely make public post comments for a number of reasons. I do want to make the following comment in response to all recorded incidents. Asking someone to formulate an informed opinion based off camera footage is analogous to asking someone to solve a puzzle with only half of the pieces. In short, it is an impossible task. Without the preceding context, multiple vantage points and blind spots, an understanding of the uncontrollable visceral and biological responses experienced by the people involved, and not to mention the fact that the human mind and eyes do not perceive the world around it in the same fashion as a video camera, there are not enough pieces to solve the puzzle. Please keep this in mind when arguing on the internet! -Tyson

9 Ways to Improve Subject Control Training

9 Ways to Improve Subject Control Training
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