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Riding the wave
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Every day of this pandemic seems to bring with it interesting twists and turns and certainly a lot of unknown. I have been watching people respond in various ways and never have I believe more in maintaining control over the things you can, and not worrying about the things you cannot. I am using this time to improve in every way I can. To improve physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I cannot wait to get back to regular Concealed Carry Courses, Handgun Training Courses, Rifle and Carbine Courses, Self-Defense Courses, and of course Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

Riding the wave

During the 30 days to slow the spread I am running, working out solo, eating healthy, watching videos, reading as much as possible. We cannot control the waves but we can learn to surf. Please take time to take care of yourselves during this challenging time.

I cannot wait to get back to teaching Concealed Carry Courses, Handgun Training Courses, Self-Defense Courses, and Gracie Jiu Jitsu!

The Taoist Farmer

There once was a farmer whose only horse broke out of his corral and ran off. All of the farmer’s neighbors heard what happened and expressed their sympathy to him for having such bad luck. The farmer replied to their concern by saying, “Bad luck, good luck, maybe, who knows?”
A few days later, the farmer’s horse returned. But when the horse returned, it was accompanied by an entire herd of wild horses. The farmer and his son corralled the horses, and once again all of the farmer’s neighbors came to see him.

Top Firearms Instruction Videos!

Have you subscribed to us on YouTube yet? We are closing in on our first 100 subscribers! Also, on Facebook our 20 Range Drills in 2020 series is going great and we know you all will love what's coming! We cannot wait to train with you this year. Whether it's one of our amazing firearms courses, self-defense courses, or specialty courses, there is no doubt you will love it!

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What are your training today? What are your goals for the next four weeks?
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