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I say this all the time because I could not mean it more. Make training fun. Find a way! Let me tell you, it's not that difficult to do. Remember, you are not always at your best, and if you are out practicing then you are improving. Too many people but unnecessary pressure on themselves. Enjoy the moment. Trust me.

The Brandon Collins Memorial Shootout is THIS WEEKEND!

The FREE Women Empowered Seminar is Friday, September 25th, at 6:00pm.

Our amazing Kansas and Missouri Concealed Carry Course is Sunday, September 27th.


I promoted a diligent, hard-working student last night, and I trained with some great students today. Looking forward to an outstanding weekend of training.

The Brandon Collins Memorial Shootout is coming, the Kansas and Missouri Concealed Carry Course is coming, and our FREE Women Empowered Seminar and Women Empowered Boot Camp as well!

Look out for some awesome upcoming announcement friends. Train hard and be safe!

Training Mindset

Over the last several years, I've found a couple things that really work well for me in terms of training perspective. First, is important not to put unnecessary pressure on yourself. Enjoy training and trust that you are improving even if it does not seem like it. Second, always approach training and learning with a beginner's mindset. Be open to learning the skill at hand. So many people try to constantly get to the next move or train for very unlikely contingencies instead of simply pursuing mastery of the basics.

Get Going Podcast

I had a great time with fellow instructor Elizabeth on the Get Going Podcast. We talked about self-defense, Jiu-Jitsu, Firearms Training, dealing with worst-scenarios, business, and the current state of the world! It was a blast!

This is Royce Gracie week in Kansas and it's going to be amazing. Join us for one of the seminars.

Saturday, August 15th, our incredible Kansas and Missouri Concealed Carry Course in Lenexa. On Sunday, August 23rd, we will be doing our incredible popular Fundamental Handgun Mastery Seminar!

Training Tip Tuesday 21---Movement.

Training Tip Tuesday 21---Movement. If you train for self-defense purposes, you should practice each of your skills while moving. Reloading, clearing malfunctions, scanning and assessing, and even shooting can and should be done while moving. It is one thing to practice these things static in dry fire or on the range for safety purposes, but it is entirely another to perfect these skills while moving. I would suggest that from a tactical standpoint moving is usually going to be the more effective use of these skills. With the exception of situations in which you are safely protected by reliable cover, being a moving, functional handgun operator is a more effective strategy. Check out Fundamental Handgun Mastery and Personal Defense Mastery on Amazon! Kansas and Missouri Concealed Carry is happening July 26th and again August 15th. FREE Women Empowered Seminar on Friday, July 24th. Women Empowered Boot Camp is going on now! Train hard, be safe, and see you on the range!

Great Weekend

We could not have asked for a better first night for our eight week Women Empowered Boot Camp! The ladies brought the fire and energy and we cannot wait for the weeks to come. We also plan on adding in a firearms training session as well among other surprises.

On the Concealed Carry Course front, we have two that are coming quickly! The next Kansas and Missouri Concealed Carry Course is Sunday, July 26th, in Overland Park. Then we have one on Saturday, August 15th, in Lenexa. Sign up today we cannot wait to train with you!

Training Tip Tuesday #20 Training Mindset

Training Tip Tuesday #20 Training Mindset- When it comes to firearms training, I have heard way too many times from people, "I already took that course." Interesting. Did you master all of the information from the course in that one sitting? Analogy. If your child's soccer coach said, "I only have one practice in which I teach the kids to kick then after that we don't practice that anymore." How many games do you think your child's team would win? The point I'm making is that if you want to increase your skill, it is ABSOLUTELY advisable to take additional courses over again.

Training Tip Tuesday #19 Physical Fitness

Training Tip Tuesday #19 Physical Fitness- As if you need even more motivation to get in shape! Shooting is ultimately a physical skill. Whether or not you shoot for competition, hobby, self-defense, or all three. Maintaining your physical fitness level will improve your shooting (among countless other benefits). The body mechanics of grip, stance, shooting platform, shooting from alternative positions and shooting on the move ALL will be improved with an increase in physical fitness. For bonus points, mix your physical workouts in with your dry fire training sessions!

Training Tip Tuesday #18 Cover vs Concealment

Training Tip Tuesday #18 Cover vs Concealment-From a tactical and self-defense standpoint, having a firm understanding of the difference between cover and concealment is an essential component to your overall survival strategy. Concealment is something that makes it more difficult for a threat to see you, but will not necessarily protect from incoming bullets. Examples of concealment might be bushes, drywall, vehicle doors, etc. Cover usually makes it more difficult for a threat to see you AND protects from incoming bullets.

Training Tip Tuesday #17 Creative Training Solutions

Training Tip Tuesday #17 Creative Training Solutions- One of the lies that we tell ourselves is that we would like to train more but just don’t have time. Sometimes we need to be called out on our own lies! Your time is valuable without question, but if you are a gun owner, training is NOT a commodity it is a necessity! So here are some tips I have and still do use to get additional training in when my schedule is packed. 1) When you initially put your handgun on before carrying, take an extra few minutes to do 15 to 20 draws.
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