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The Weekend!
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Exciting times

I know I write about it often, but I really am exciting about all of our upcoming events because I know there is something for everyone!

Royler Gracie will be here next week for two incredible law enforcement seminar.

I teach Jiu-Jitsu for all levels of experience throughout the week.

Women Empowered is exceeding all expectations and we have a FREE Seminar on Friday, February 12th and our next boot camp begins on Sunday, February 21st.

Our first Kansas and Missouri Concealed Carry Course of 2021 is scheduled for Sunday, January 31st in Overland Park.

Last day of 2020

Hopefully you made the best of this crazy year! I have a feeling 2021 is going to be an amazing year.

Our first Kansas and Missouri Concealed Carry Course of 2021 is Sunday, January 31st. I hope to see you there!

Train hard and be safe!

Concealed Carry

While my last public Kansas and Missouri Concealed Carry Course for 2020 was last weekend, I actually have one more private Concealed Carry Course left to teach next weekend. If attending a public course is not what you want to do, then we would love to set up a private training session with you or your group!

Train hard an be safe!

Concealed Carry Course Recap

Our last Kansas and Missouri Concealed Carry Course of 2020 did not disappoint. Not only was it an energetic and engaged group, everyone did an outstanding job.

If you missed us in 2020, no worries at all! We are back full speed in 2021 with three course dates already scheduled and more to come.

Train hard and be safe!

The Weekend is HERE!

It is here! The first Friday in December, which means this is the start to an outrageously fun and busy training weekend. Jiu Jitsu private lessons today, and several Jiu Jitsu group and private classes tomorrow. Sunday is our last Kansas and Missouri Concealed Carry Course of 2020 and it's going to be a good one! Finally, I will cap off the weekend with a few more private lessons as well the Women Empowered Course.

Train hard and be safe everyone. I can't wait to train with you.

A fantastic Sunday!

Sunday's are a great day to set the tone for the week. They are a day to get out of a funk, to exercise, to eat healthy, and to set goals to crush. Make the most of Sundays!

Later today I have a private Jiu-Jitsu lesson and then two hours of Women Empowered training. Can't wait!

Next Sunday our Fundamental Handgun Mastery Course is happening then soon after is our Kansas and Missouri Concealed Carry Course, and our new specialty courses Room Clearing and Handgun Tactics and Weapon Retention for Concealed Carry!

Training to automaticity

One of the greatest principles of skill development is the understanding that in order for a skill to be useful to you, it must be trained to a level of automaticity. This basically means to develop a skill to a point of reflex where little cognitive thought is actually required to perform it. This is when a skill truly becomes useful.

The question is, what does it take to develop that? The answer is consistent, focused training. That's where we come in!

We are ending the year with some awesome events to include our Fundamental Handgun Mastery Seminar, Kansas and Missouri Concealed Carry Course, Room Clearing and Handgun Tactics, and Weapon Retention for Concealed Carry!

Election Day!

In the midst of one of the most tumultuous times that most people can remember, many people are evaluating their plans and preparation for self-protection and protecting their families. We have you covered!

Come join us for one or our incredible upcoming events!

November 22nd---Fundamental Handgun Mastery.

December 6th---Kansas and Missouri Concealed Carry Course

December 12th---Room Clearing and Handgun Tactics

December 12th---Weapon Retention for Concealed Carry

Train hard and be safe. See you soon!

Wednesday Thoughts

I'm a huge advocate of doing a little each day to work toward goals and skill development. Even 5 or 10 minutes of practice, both physically and mentally, can be a huge factor in improved performance. This is especially true over time. Training sessions do not always have to be long and arduous. There is is a time and place for those, but definitely not every day.

Join me this Friday night at 6:00pm for our incredible Women Empowered Seminar in Overland Park. You will be amazed!

Join us this Sunday at 8:00am for our unforgettable Kansas and Missouri Concealed Carry Course.


I say this all the time because I could not mean it more. Make training fun. Find a way! Let me tell you, it's not that difficult to do. Remember, you are not always at your best, and if you are out practicing then you are improving. Too many people but unnecessary pressure on themselves. Enjoy the moment. Trust me.

The Brandon Collins Memorial Shootout is THIS WEEKEND!

The FREE Women Empowered Seminar is Friday, September 25th, at 6:00pm.

Our amazing Kansas and Missouri Concealed Carry Course is Sunday, September 27th.
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