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Training Tip Tuesday #20 Training Mindset
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Training Tip Tuesday #20 Training Mindset

Training Tip Tuesday #20 Training Mindset- When it comes to firearms training, I have heard way too many times from people, "I already took that course." Interesting. Did you master all of the information from the course in that one sitting? Analogy. If your child's soccer coach said, "I only have one practice in which I teach the kids to kick then after that we don't practice that anymore." How many games do you think your child's team would win? The point I'm making is that if you want to increase your skill, it is ABSOLUTELY advisable to take additional courses over again.

Training Tip Tuesday #19 Physical Fitness

Training Tip Tuesday #19 Physical Fitness- As if you need even more motivation to get in shape! Shooting is ultimately a physical skill. Whether or not you shoot for competition, hobby, self-defense, or all three. Maintaining your physical fitness level will improve your shooting (among countless other benefits). The body mechanics of grip, stance, shooting platform, shooting from alternative positions and shooting on the move ALL will be improved with an increase in physical fitness. For bonus points, mix your physical workouts in with your dry fire training sessions!

Training Tip Tuesday #18 Cover vs Concealment

Training Tip Tuesday #18 Cover vs Concealment-From a tactical and self-defense standpoint, having a firm understanding of the difference between cover and concealment is an essential component to your overall survival strategy. Concealment is something that makes it more difficult for a threat to see you, but will not necessarily protect from incoming bullets. Examples of concealment might be bushes, drywall, vehicle doors, etc. Cover usually makes it more difficult for a threat to see you AND protects from incoming bullets.

Training Tip Tuesday #17 Creative Training Solutions

Training Tip Tuesday #17 Creative Training Solutions- One of the lies that we tell ourselves is that we would like to train more but just don’t have time. Sometimes we need to be called out on our own lies! Your time is valuable without question, but if you are a gun owner, training is NOT a commodity it is a necessity! So here are some tips I have and still do use to get additional training in when my schedule is packed. 1) When you initially put your handgun on before carrying, take an extra few minutes to do 15 to 20 draws.

Training Tip Tuesday #16 Cold Defensive Shooting

Training Tip Tuesday #16 Cold Defensive Shooting- A lot of shooters start their training session with some slow speed fundamental drills. Chances are, if you get into a gunfight, you will not be “warmed up.” So working off that premise, the only time you get to practice “cold” so to speak is at the very beginning of your shooting session. So I would suggest that the next couple of shooting sessions you immediately begin by drawing from your concealed carry holster and shooting as quickly as you can accurately hit a threat target.


This is a challenging and outright tough time for a lot of people right now. I'm rooting for you. I am also incredibly excited about the upcoming events we have scheduled in Overland Park and Lenexa in the next two months! To say we are excited about these training events would be an understatement! The rest of this year will be filled with Concealed Carry Courses, Self-Defense Courses, Handgun and Rifle Training Courses, Weapon Retention Courses and more! Whether you have trained with us before or are getting ready for your first time, we can't wait you are going to love it!

Training Tip Tuesday#15

Training Tip Tuesday#15 Over-reliance on Gear-Too many shooters look to gun additions and modifications to enhance their shooting. Fancy sights, lasers, grips, trigger modifications, etc. are all nice to have, but they do not make up for consistent, focused practice! When your target does not look quite as good as you want it to, as much as we would like to think it is the gun, it usually is the shooter behind the gun. Invest a little time each week into drawing your gun, working on your grip and stance, seeing sight pictures, and dry firing.

Training Tip Tuesday #14 Mental Rehearsal

Training Tip Tuesday #14 Mental Rehearsal- While physically training with your gun and in various self-defense arts is important, I would suggest that mental training is equally important. Putting yourself in various self-defense scenarios in the most common places you are at will undoubtedly prepare you to act more effectively in the case of an emergency. By rehearsing your escape route, or your move to a position of cover, or even your angle in which you would launch an effective counter-attack to a threat, you are giving yourself a plan of action so you will not have to come up with it during a moment of high stress when making those types of decisions will not be near as easy, or even possible at all!

Training Tip Tuesday #13 Empty Slate

Today’s tip comes from an observation I have made about many adult learners. Adults tend to bring past experiences and preconceived notions into their training sessions, even in topics they have never trained in before. Because of this, they don’t learn as much as they could or reach their full potential. The next time you take a class or learn any skill, do your very best to go in with the proverbial “empty slate.” Be a kid again, amazed by the world and ready to learn new information! Trust me you will be amazed at how this changes the training experience.

Fundamentals of Marksmanship-Breathing

  Breathing is an essential part of the shooting process. Specifically, controlling your breathing and using it to your full advantage. Many new shooter make the mistake of holding their breath while shooting. This causes fatigue and often detracts from other elements of good shooting.
   At the end of a complete exhale, your body is most still. This is sometimes referred to as a natural respiratory pause. This is an ideal time to break a shot with a stable shooting platform.
  We are close to resuming our Kansas and Missouri Concealed Carry Courses, Handgun and Rifle Training Courses, and Self-Defense Courses.
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