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We are only as good as our students allow us to be. Every class, without exception, we learn from our students. These are actual testimonials from our students from our recent Kansas Concealed Carry Classes:

"Amazing! Learned a lot! Thank you for teaching all of safety regarding concealed carry. This will help me to keep others safe too!"

Kristyn M.


"Very thorough and very helpful. Taught in a way where it's easy to follow and a fun course."

Cade C.


"Very helpful for a beginner. I liked each scenario, it got me thinking of how I would handle it."

Brendan D.


"I found this course to very useful as I will now be able to effectively protect myself, my loved ones, and others while being familiar with the laws."

Matthew C.


"Information focused and real world hypotheticals, but also previous situations. This made it very easy to understand and follow along. Great class."

Andrew T.


"This is an awesome class even for someone who does not want to carry. The safety and fundamentals alone are worth knowing."

Phillip S.


"Instructors were incredible. They had a good sense of humor while staying serious on the importance of gun safety and the rules and laws of concealed carry. Made the class fun."

Devlin L.


"This was an excellent course and I would definitely recommend it to anyone."

Sarah F.


"Very informative class, definitely recommend to anyone."

Dacia B.


"Great low, dialogue, and information. Very useful. Instructor had excellent energy and presented the course in a fun and interactive way."

Ryan B.


"Instructor was very knowledgeable but relaxed, and presented the information in an easy to understand manner."

Stan B.


"I thought the course was very informative and educational. It was also presented in a way that most people can understand. Thank you for your time."

Cole W.


"Really great guys. Taught me a lot about firearms safety. Went by really fast."

Shelby K.


"Even if you are not ready or comfortable carrying a gun yet, this class is valuable with understanding laws, situational awareness, and general gun safety."

Dani H.


"Awesome, very informative I learned a lot. Instructors were fun and articulate. Peggy was helpful to the women in the class."

Andrea L.


"Informative course that every civilian should take."

Dylan C.

"Excellent practical training. The content was made relatable, and delivered in an effective and understandable format."

Michael L.


"Amazing instruction! Very informative! Do not change it I one hundred percent recommend this course!"

Jason P.


"I liked the relaxed environment. I appreciate the help with my trigger control. I liked the mix of info on many topics."

Justin J.


"Very pleased with this concealed carry course. Thorough but brief!"

Tanner T.


"Would highly recommend to anyone getting their concealed carry license."

Russ P.


"Great course and instructor!"

Mason T.


"This class is amazing! Thank you!"

Tiara P.


"Lots of knowledge shared by instructors--gave me lots to think about. Glad I took this class!"

Ron Y.


"Thank you so much for a very informative class. Whether you choose to carry or not, there is so much information for you to gain in this class. Thank you again."

Michelle M.


"This was an awesome class and taught me a lot. Thank you very much. I will definitely refer this class."

ShaMai R.


"The amount of knowledge by the instructors was clear, detailed, and backed up with both first-hand and general awareness of legal case law and consequences. Definitely a must have in research towards getting your concealed carry."

Daniel Q.


"Informative and fun all in one."

Holly K.


"I love how you guys made it relevant and fun. So much easier when the conversation is engaging."

Stephan K.


"This Concealed Carry Course helped me to feel confident with using my gun."

Cynthia T.


"I feel like I learned a lot about safety and how to operate and handle a firearm."

Michael H.


"I have avoided getting my concealed carry license because of the fact that I had to go to a class. You guys made this a quick and painless experience."

Jordan H.


"Instructors are very good at teaching in a way we understand even with very little knowledge. Easy to follow during class. Very knowledgeable."

Tisha O.


"The class flew by with so many interesting aspects to learn about. I already feel more confident. The instructors are patient and very knowledgeable. Thank you! "

Victoria G.


"Very glad I came to the course today. All the instructors thoroughly explained the information. I would recommend the course to anyone regardless of their level of experience."

James G.


"Clear, concise information. Knowledgeable instructors. Time flew but with everything included and explained. Would recommend to anyone needing a concealed carry license."

Sarah T.


"I was nervous and apprehensive about attending the course with my daughter. My lack of experience was a contributing factor. however, knowledge is a valuable tool. The instructors were great and helped put me at ease even when addressing such serious content. I'm very glad I attended."

Lisa C.


"I really enjoyed learning from them. They did a great job of explaining things without making those with less experience feel dumb. I also liked the advice they gave for making carrying easier for women."

Allison C.


"The class was fun and well-paced. Both instructors have a lot of knowledge on the subject. Great class, highly recommend."

Noe D.


"All instructors did amazing in teaching and making it a safe and stress free environment."

Peyton E.


"Enjoyed that ex and current officers taught the course. The perspective on the topic from law enforcement was informative."

Benjamin S.


"Very pleased with the outcome. Stepped into the course with little to no knowledge, and this class helped shape my pistol fundamentals and granted me my concealed carry! My mom and sister hopefully can attend this class."

Gabriel G.


"Very educational no matter your skill level. Great environment to learn in very light and interactive."

Sadie W.


"In my opinion this concealed carry class is highly informative when it comes to handling a weapon. Briefly explains the laws--which it sounds like it would take a year to explain! Thank you for your dedication and sharing your knowledge."

Ben N.


"Excellent knowledge of material (especially Dave) lol. Good examples and experiences, Good draw instructions."

Pat L.


"This was a very informative concealed carry class. Suited for people with any level of gun knowledge and experience. All the instructors were very helpful and made the class enjoyable."

Kevin T.


"All instructors are extremely qualified which makes me very comfortable when listening. I never felt unsafe with anything any instructor or student said or did. Great experience!"

Dallas D.


"Super informational! Great instructors and will recommend to family and friends!"

Jasmine T.


"Very educational and informative! Looking forward to taking more courses. Ready to shoot!"

Shayne B.


"Awesome course. Very informative. Helped me with shooting and confidence and in my ability to protect myself and others."

Steve T.


"Awesome! I was extremely nervous about the class, but Dave and Tyson made it comfortable and fun for understanding gun safety. I am definitely more knowledgeable now than before and will be recommending to everyone I know."

Gregory M.


"It was easy to understand and learn the presented information."

Denise M.


"Educational and interesting!"

Wendy M.


"Great course, was worried it would be long and boring. But very informative, kept your attention. Great info using real life scenarios."

Jerry H.


"Good information you can tell the instructors know the info and have a passion for teaching."

Chris F.


"This course was very educational and gave me more confidence for carrying and shooting a firearm."

Ashley M.


"Awesome class. Very laid back and informative."

Brandon O.


"All the instructors were amazing and I would recommend this class to anyone or group!"

Daniel K.


"Great class, learned a lot and enjoyed the content. Wasn't too long and drawn out, but very informative."

Mallorie M.


"These guys did a fantastic job. Totally enjoyed it and I learned a lot."

Michael D.


"Tyson and Dave are very knowledgeable and I would recommend this concealed carry course to novice and expert shooters."

Dan S.


"Very knowledgeable instructors! Interactive instruction. Real life scenarios. Very friendly instructors! Will definitely recommend to others."

Eddie L.


"This was very informative. Learned a lot about gun safety. Excited to continue to learn and be safe."

Leslie L.


"As an amateur, I felt this concealed carry course was extremely informative without being boring or giving too much information. Thanks! "

Josh S.


"This concealed carry course was engaging and easy to pay attention to."

Devyn S.


"Very informative and applicable to every day life. Inclusive of all experience levels. Very fun class!"

Madison S.


"I am so happy I took this class. You all made it informative and fun! Thank you so much!"

Brianna B.


"Tyson and Dave are awesome!!"

Julie H.


"Very informative. I would definitely recommend."

Tonyce J.


"Really enjoyed the course and the instructors. Learned a lot of new information. 10/10 would recommend."

Terrell J.


"Instructors were great they kept the class exciting and understandable for a beginner like myself."

Diane R.


"Great content. Great instructors. Excellent facility. Fun and focused."

Robyn Y.


"I completed the Concealed Carry Course with another instructor several years ago and slept through some of it. This time was more informational and much more enjoyable."

Chris B.


"Very informative, put me at ease about not having to engage if I have a license. Instructors were knowledgeable, interactive and answered questions that I had without making me feel dumb for asking."

Cyndi C.


"Great course! Much better than just classroom all day. Looking forward to scheduling a tactical carbine class with you guys."

Jim R.


"This was my first handgun course so I was very nervous about it. Tyson and Dave were very helpful and patient. They made the class interesting and fun. Looking forward to taking future classes."

Toiya J.


"I would highly recommend this class to anyone wanting their Concealed Carry License."

Jared R.


"Did a great job breaking down technical components in an easy to understand way. Thank you guys."

Bo J.


"Please let me know when more classes are available. Concealed Carry, Kids Classes, and more training to build on this class. I enjoyed it thanks!"

David S.


"It was easy to understand and clear on information. Learned so much and I feel more prepared."

Angela H.


"I was dreading this, wondering what could take 8 hours. This has been a great experience and more help than I could have imagined. It was thoughtfully prepared to cover what is necessary but providing so much insight into how to handle myself and protect my family. All the instructors were great. Easy to understand and stay engaged with, provided real examples that provoked more knowledge and understanding than I could have imagined."

Jess G.


"Very well spoken. Overall leadership was amazing. Very helpful Concealed Carry Course."

Bobby R.


"Very knowledgeable on the subject matter. Willing to answer all questions from students."

Mark M.


"Tyson and Dave are friendly and knowledgeable and shared the information in a very easy to understand manner. Would definitely recommend."

Sam H.


"Excellent class. Great information. Would take further classes from the instructors."

Mary K.

"Feel much more confident. Great info. Would highly recommend this Concealed Carry Course."



"Not the first time I took this course. It was as amazing and fun as the previous one."

Kai W.

"The instructors were extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter and did an excellent job of demonstrating everything."

John H.


"This Concealed Carry Course was highly educational as well as needed. I believe everyone who owns a gun or plans to should take this course. It is done in a way that is easy to learn and understand. Davis is amazing as well as a "cool cat." Tyson is awesome, please continue doing what you do and be safe."



"This class is awesome. The instructors are personable, friendly, and helpful."

John B.


"Very beginner friendly and educational! Fun, safe concealed carry course that utilizes the time well!"

Aaron M.


"Fun and easy to understand. No pressure to have any firearms experience prior to taking the class."

Erica R.


"Great job. Loved the class. Great information."

Vickie W.


"Great class for someone that doesn't know anything about guns. Great engagement and conversation throughout the day. Dave and Tyson did awesome! Looking forward to taking future courses."



"Very relaxed and easy going concealed carry course. I personally had been stressing for two weeks beforehand. All for nothing. Everyone was so friendly and helpful."

Levi F.


"Excellent instructors, engaging presentation, really enjoyed the opportunity to practice and expand my skill range. Definitely would recommend to friends!"

Tyler R.


"I loved this concealed carry course. I came in with very little knowledge and now am leaving feeling really good about selecting to take the class. I will take future classes, and keep expanding my knowledge on guns and gun safety and concealed carry."

Stephanie E.


"Very good concealed carry course. I learned a lot and I am glad I decided to take this course. The instructors were very professional and knew their craft. I would recommend this course to others."

Darlene T.


"Outstanding course!"

Timothy R.


"Very informative, I learned things I was not aware of. It was fun and I think every citizen should know these things."

Lexie P.


"Training emphasized on firearms safety which was my main goal. This course was efficient and effective. The trainers were awesome and answered everyone's questions thoroughly. 10/10 would recommend to family and friends ."

Angie R.


"Tyson and crew are the best of the best! Whether you are a beginner or more advanced shooter you will learn something!"

Jason H.


"Really enjoyed the class. A lot of good information. Kept my attention very well. Fun and educational all in one. Feel more comfortable about carrying my new gun now."

Samantha R.


"Tyson and Dave are great! They made the Concealed Carry Course fun and easy to understand."

Rob R.


"Excellent presentation, fun atmosphere, really increased my knowledge and awareness of gun safety."

Seinda F.


"Great job keeping the class active and participating. Very informative and great stories."

Jerrod F.


"Excellent instructor, awesome information, presented well. Thank you!"

Ginger E.


"Excellent course content and presentation! Will recommend to anyone interested in taking the concealed carry course in our area!"

Nathan B.


"Great presentation skills, real world examples. Would recommend this instructor to anyone."

Faith B.


"I came into the Kansas Concealed Carry Course intimidated because I did not know what to expect. The instructors were very kind and made me feel extremely comfortable. I am leaving here today with much more knowledge! Thank you."

Jennifer W.


"Even better than the first time. Excellent information and great shooting tips."

Sally T.


"The Kansas Concealed Carry Course was enjoyable and informative. Good level of information for a new user. I like that safety was always a top priority."

Leslie B.


"Knowledge being passed on in a very easy, productive class. These men are great and know what they are teaching!"

J. D.


"One of the most in-depth courses I've been through. They really focus on the fundamentals of firearms handling."

Zach K.


"Really enjoyed it. Made it fun but very informative as well. I was expecting more of a lecture, but this was way better."

Dade B.


"Excellent Concealed Carry Class. Everyone who might have access to a gun should take this class."

Kelly R.


"I learned so much about firearms. My wife will definitely be taking this class. So much knowledge and safety tips involved. I feel as though I can further my knowledge based on the things I learned today!"

DeAndre' B.


"Great class! Tyson and crew not only provided good info, law enforcement insight but also kept the class engaged throughout the training. Strongly recommend!"

Merle E.


"Excellent Kansas Concealed Carry Course lots of knowledge. Well worth the price."

Matt B.


"Highly recommend! Tyson and Dave are knowledgeable and engaging, it was a great class!"

Samantha B.


"Instructors were friendly, funny, and very knowledgeable! Overall very fun and informative and I will recommend to others."



"This concealed carry course was informative and all questions were answered. I would highly recommend this class!"

Frank W.


"Excellent and engaging, I got a lot out of this class. It was so informative. Thank you!"

Angela B.


"Very knowledgeable teacher. Thought the class would be boring, but it was not and I learned a lot!"

Jacob D.


"I look forward to taking more classes from you! Thank you for teaching me."

Taylor A.


"This course was full of a lot of important information and was fun to attend."

Jessica W.

"Loved the instructors--Funny and informative! I feel a lot more confident in handling my gun after this course and look forward to seeing what other classes are offered."

Katie H.

"Very informative! Even after absolute comfort with and around guns, we both learned several useful tips to improve accuracy and ensure safety. Thank you!"

Trisha A.


"I thought they covered a lot about gun safety in the Kansas Concealed Carry Course--gun safety, ammo, and situational issues. For a first-timer this was very helpful and informational."

Michelle N.


"This course gives you great knowledge and views of concealed carry. The instructors are very passionate about what they do and teach."

Matthew H.


"Such a fun informative Kansas Concealed Carry Course! I feel much more confident in my ability to handle a handgun and all of the gun safety laws. Thanks!"

Molly S.

"My husband has been encouraging me to take the Kansas Concealed Carry Course for a long time. I didn't want to take the time to do it. Tyson made the time fly with a high-energy presentation, great and succinct information, and he is a trusted authority on the topic. I'm so glad I took the course-thanks Tyson! I also enjoyed the Women's Self Defense Course--great info I hope I never have to use!"

Denise S. ***Featured Testimonial***

"I think our instructor was absolutely wonderful. He was thorough and knowledgeable. I feel so much more comfortable around guns and handling them. I feel a lot more safe while I am carrying."

Courtney A.

"This class was very engaging and well worth the time spent. The instructor was fun and very knowledgeable."

Kerra C.

"Great presentation, very informed, great rapport with audience. Great location for this activity. Type A personality. Interesting!"

Pauline M.

"Very impressed, lots of information. This is my second time in the concealed carry class (not from him). I decided to take it again and I'm so glad I did. Thank you very much for your time. You are an amazing teacher. Thank you so much!!"

Katie L.

"Great day! Very well presented information and training, no pressure-just enjoyment! You laid it all out and let us think. I would highly recommend your class to everyone."

Sue C.

"Take this course! You won't regret it. The instructors have so much experience and knowledge. They set you up for success and make it enjoyable and fun. You all are fantastic, fun, and knowledgeable. I've learned so much already. P.S. Thank you for the ammo :-)"

Aleah B.

"I enjoyed every minute of the Kansas Concealed Carry Class. The information, the stories, etc. Also any questions that I had I was very comfortable to ask, basically the atmosphere was awesome! The energy was great as well."

Nya K.

"The Kansas Concealed Carry Course is attention holding, accurate, and applicable. Having instructors that teach what they "know" and not what they think is of most value. Each section is informative and relative to what a person needs to begin the journey of gun ownership and concealed carry."

Lynn E.

"The Kansas Concealed Carry Course was a great learning experience. Instructors were patient and informative. Would recommend these courses to anyone who wants to learn more about firearms."

Isaiah C.

"I felt the Kansas Concealed Carry Class was extremely informative, definitely got more than I expected. Worth the money, and I will suggest this course for others."

Jessica K.

"The Kansas Concealed Carry Course had exceptionally knowledgeable instructors. Highly entertaining and engaging. Well worth the cost!"

Bob L.

"I felt the Kansas Concealed Carry Class was a very educational course. As someone who has shot guns for a long time, I still learned a lot of valuable information that I didn't know previously."


"Wonderful instruction. Concise and informative addressing the essentials of what it means to have a concealed carry license. Thanks so much."

Shane F.

"Tyson is knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Great Kansas Concealed Carry Class. I would love to do a tactical class."

Chris E.

"Great trainers, great course. Very helpful and patient. No question is stupid to them. They are more more worried about making sure you feel comfortable and are knowledgeable when you leave the class. I highly, highly, recommend everybody wanting to take the Kansas Concealed Carry Class take it with these two guys! They are great! Thank you very much! You are the best!! :-)"

Buffy S.***Featured Testimonial***

"Loved it! Besides being educational, you both made the Kansas Concealed Carry Class fun!"

Laura B.

“Tyson and Dave were good at verbalizing all aspects of the course. They always kept us engaged. Was a pleasure."

Chad C.

“I thought this Kansas Concealed Carry Class would be boring and I wouldn't learn much. However, I learned that several things I had been doing with firearms all together were incorrect. I learned how to improve my grip and that I had not been practicing universal cover correctly. Great course I recommend them!"

Ryan E.***Featured Testimonial***

“I learned a great deal of information by taking this course. My experience was very minimal. I learned many important rules and regulations. After this course, I plan to continue to practice what I learned. Thanks for helping me! ”

Barb C.

“Instructor was very upbeat, knowledgeable, and friendly. Class was enjoyable. ”

Michael C.

“It was very informational and a good learning experience ”

Willie G.

“Information was very well presented. Instructor was very helpful and knowledgeable about the course and applicable laws and procedures. ”

Joshua J.

“Very good instruction, learned a ton. Thank you for the knowledge and hands on explanations. ”

Randy W.

“Really enjoyed today. Thank you! ”

Tom S.

“The instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful. He was very personable and I was happy to attend this class. ”

Rod B.

“Very well taught course, instructor is very easy to learn from and entertaining. Definitely would recommend this instructor to anyone in the future”

Lucian B.

“Very informative and gave good tips. Loved the class! Thanks so much ”

Kathleen K.

“Outstanding instruction and engagement throughout the course."

David J.

“Quality instructors with a great deal of skill and information.”

Josh C.

“This was quite good and I appreciate your expertise.”

Terri K.

“The information is presented in a thoughtful and reasonable format. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in taking it with this group of professionals. Very well done-we appreciate the efforts of the instructors.

Louis C.

“Everybody should take the Kansas Concealed Carry Class if they shoot. ”

Roger K.

“Very interactive! It was fun, and the time passed quickly. ”

Nicole A.

“The Kansas Concealed Carry Class provided me with basic knowledge of concealed carry, but more importantly related the responsibility of being a gun owner and the mindset required to be a smart gun owner and how concealed carry has to be at the front of your thinking. ”

Amy G.

“Enjoyed that it was not stressful and the two instructors worked good together. ”

Carolyn R.My name is Tyson Kilbey, and Dave Whisenhunt asked me to email you with info

“Excellent course. Answered everything I needed to know. Instructors made the class interesting and fun.”

Pete C.

bout our amazing concealed carry class on Sunday, March 24th, 2013!

“This course was very informative and excellently taught by instructors who were knowledgeable and certified in their field. ”

Ryan S.

“I really enjoyed the Kansas Concealed Carry Class and will recommend it to others. I really thought the examples/scenarios were beneficial. Instructors were great!”

Melissa G.

I have copied all the information I give out to people who

“Both trainers were knowledgeable and experienced. Presentation very clear and easy to understand. Class was very interesting and practical.”

Kathryn M.

“I loved it! Very informative and I feel more confident.”

Mary Anne B.

“It gave me the information I needed and the basic skills to get started. It was presented in a very non-boring way.”

David E.

“Excellent information given by instructor. Class went by quickly because it was well presented and not boring. Thank you!"

Bryan W.

“Very good instruction. Very fun and still informative. I like the way they teach."

Frank B.

“Very informative class, enjoyable and not boring, would recommend more people take this course."

Dennis B.

“The course was very informative. The material benefited me with useful information and has allowed me to feel comfortable with my firearm and the laws that accompany it. The instructor, Mr. Kilbey, was fantastic. He made the course interesting. He really stressed safety. I recommend this course to all law abiding citizens."

Robert B.

“Excellent instruction that supplied very useful information to both novice and experienced students."

Bob R.

“Instructor is great at making one feel at ease in what could be a stressful situation for some. Great job!"

M. S.

“Tyson was a great instructor and made everyone feel at ease in the class. It was very informative and well laid out. Highly recommend that everyone take this class."

Sheryl S.

“I really enjoyed your positive attitude towards concealed carry and your safety analogies."

Shawn H.

“Time well spent! Thank you!"

Chase M.

“This is an excellent course for all levels of handgun knowledge!"

Kristin M.

“Having military experience this was a very knowledgeable instructor. He really helped me with a refresher and to sharpen my skills to be a more proficient marksman."


“Excellent. Learned more about guns in one day of this class than years without it."

Jeffrey C.***Featured Testimonial***

“Instructors were very knowledgeable--extremely patient. Appreciate the ability to ask questions and never felt intimidated. Great course would love to learn more!"

Cindy C.

“Very informative and interesting! Great course and great instructors!"

Cara H.

“Great information and strong delivery."

Gregor P.

“Great course! I learned a lot!"

Natalie J.

“Very practical and useful information was given. The Kansas Concealed Carry Class was fun and fast paced and never boring. I feel I was given the necessary tools to carry successfully."

Adam J.

We can only be good instructors if we are genuinely interested in the success of our students! Thank you all for the amazing feedback and testimonials! We will continue in our mission to provide the highest level of instruction to all of our students! We train as though our lives depend on it!

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